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"it’s not going to change anything. but it gets easier to breathe when you rebel a little."

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you Moon Jongup.

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Himchan rapping Zelo's part

Himchan: simjange a@*#&SdDW&$%J#$FEWUDJ#($YH#$$(#JCT%$K *gasp* RASPBERRY

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The beginning of it all.

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When you’re working in a group project but your partner doesn’t know shit

B.A.P's Second Adventure: 30,000 Miles on Earth 
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we’re going to get taller since we photosynthesized!

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어디니? 뭐하니?
↳ 5/? favourite music videos screencaps

every fan’s relationship with their bias

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b.a.p through quotes; zelo ver.

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karaoke with daejae…about bubble tea

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